Power Grip 350 Vent Cap
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This all-plastic 3-1/2" threaded cap offers a wide diameter for easy tank filling. Its common thread size makes it a perfect fit for most fuel tank applications. The Power Grip 350 offers long-lasting durability and style. This model automatically vents. 


REMOVE SLOWLY – fuel may be under pressure – Spray may cause injury or fire.   Always use a fuel cap designed for use on your fuel tank.  Properly secure the fuel cap prior to starting the engine.  This is a vented cap, which is designed for applications where tank venting is provided through the cap. Using the cap with non-vented fuel tank systems or in other applications for which the cap is not designed or intended, may result in fire, explosion, damage to the fuel system, or may cause your engine to stop or malfunction.  Do not use this cap unless you know it is compatible with your tank and product.  Do not clean or subject the cap to high pressure water or cleaning fluids, which may damage or impair the venting components. 

  • Item #: CG203327

Power Grip 350 Vent Cap

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