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    Not sure which cap/gauge you need? Following are some FAQ's that may help you choose which model fits your specific equipment...

    How do I measure my tank to get the right length gauge?

    Take the measurement as shown below and deduct at least 1/2" for clearance.


    What should my 225 thread look like?

    Your thread should measure ~2-1/4" O/D (see drawing below)

    Standard 225 Thread size = (2-1/4" butress thread with 5 thread per inch)



     What should my 350 thread look like?

    Your thread should measure ~3-1/2" O/D (see drawing below)


     What will my gauge face look like?

    Depending upon the Kelch gauge you order, it will come with one of the three styles shown below.


    Can I get replacement/repair cap and gauge parts?

    No. Kelch products are produced on specialized equipment, home or field repairing is an unsafe practice and is highly not recommended